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Oracle is one of the most widely used database management system. Oracle database provides foundation for many of the top corporates worldwide. It is one of the most popular Relational database Management System (RDBMS) in IT industry. Oracle is world’s leading database. PRIUS Oracle training will enable you to make use of the full power of world’s leading database. Oracle database 11G release2 helps the IT professional to provide the best, quality and cost effective service.

Why PRIUS for your Oracle Training

Quality training from experienced oracle professionals
Optimum cost. quality training does not need to be costly always!
Real Time Training
Placement assistance
Limited number of students in each batch to provide individual attention
Excellent Lab facility

oracle course from PRIUS will prepare you for the Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) and Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) certifications.



Prior experience with computer programming can be helpful to students training in SQL. The query-based SQL system doesn't use the same expressions as object-oriented language, but the concepts of syntax and detail precision that help make programmers successful in other fields can translate well to working with SQL. Subject matter taught in SQL training can include the following:

Table design and implementation
Data types and indexes
Common execution plan elements
Data merging
Designing effective clustered indexes
Enforcing data integrity

Although these concepts might seem esoteric to a new student of database management, training in SQL can help the pieces fit together into a valuable career skill with strong upside in the workforce.