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Core Java


Java the language of the perfect programmers is famous for being robust, platform independent and open-source.Being a java programmer is respected in the software world. Becoming a master of such a language requires good java training for deep understanding of the language so that you can develop software on your own.VIA gives the Best Java Training, all your concepts will be sword sharp. Not only we train you to excel in concepts but the concepts taught will be practically implemented by you in front of industry experts who work on the Java platform day and night.

Objectives of JAVA training

The objective of Java training is to make a software professional aware of development methodology using Java language on live project. The training has been designed to deliver the comprehensive training to individuals for understanding and executing the project's requirements. This training can be delivered on different level for different requirement of the candidate- We provide training from basic to advanced concept each level is followed by a real time 4-5 project based training. We also offer real project based training which is given after 3 months of course levet training from Varshney Infotech and trainee will be given a chance to live project for next 3 months and will be qualified for a 6 months of industrial training experience. If the candidate's performance meets expected requirements then we would recommend him for our clients.

Practical Oriented Java Training Our training is full of practical sessions. There is no limit on lab hours. The students will be provided with laptops during the class hours. Whenever they want, they can make use of our laptops. The trainers will explain them simple examples on each topic. At the end of each day’s class, exercises will be given. Adequate assistance will be provided to the trainees to complete their exercises. These exercises are meant for learning OOPs concepts clearly. Apart from this, a few strengths of us are,

  • Best Resources
  • Special Test Programs

Once the students get good clarity on concepts, they will be asked to do small projects. This will help them to get real time experience in java programming. Programming is nothing but modeling the real world. Our trainers make you to do that with ease. For learning Core Java, there are no prerequisites. We need just an open minded candidates with full of dreams to learn Java. Our best Java Training in Chennai will make you poised enough to be a Java Developer.